I have a HP laptop (touchscreen m6 k015). Hp hp pcs troubleshooting support assistant (windows 10, 8 how to fix after the windows 10 upgrade (free) download version. #HPHowToForYou is a vlog with tips, tricks, and how-to information for you, our customers, to help you get the most out of your HP products. Find answers to some common questions about HP Support Assistant The HP Support Assistant or HPSA is a utility included in all HP computers to diagnose technical issues and manage updates. Totally annoying. after i upgraded my laptop (hp notebook 2000) to from. What to do if you are having problems with the HP Support Assistant software. HP Support Assistant .exe is known as HP Support Assistant and it is developed by Hewlett-Packard. #HPHowToForYou is a vlog with tips, tricks, and how-to information for you, our customers, to help you get the most out of your HP products. By default, HP Product Assistant is enabled to automatically update the solution list every 30 days. Hp pcs using hp support assistant (windows 10, 8, 7). HP Support Assistant After narrowing down on what is actually wrong with your hp printers, without further ado, well get to work on how to rectify the glitch. HP's software, especially on home PCs is worse than no software at all. Computer dictionary definition for what HP Support Assistant means including related links, information, and terms. While HP technical support will often refer you to use the Support Assistant, many users find the program intrusive and unnecessary -- especially when a critical function is interrupted by HPSA reminders or automatic HP Support Assistant gives you instant access to device information, help resources, and technical support for your HP product. Worked great for Should I remove HP Support Assistant by Hewlett-Packard? However, the HP support assistant provides you a specific set of updates based on your device make and model. Solution overview HP Support Assistant is a one-stop solution for connected, contextual support. Before following this disabling process you might want to use HP support assistant to make yourself some manufacturer's recovery media, and you might want to write down the various serial numbers it will show you. Like display drivers, sound drivers, Ethernet drivers etc., Also these updates are not just any beta versions but are only the most stable and recommended by HP. About this forum permanent removal of hp support assistant from the taskbar. Updates your HP Support Assistant on home desktops to version Rev. I do that, and it comes up a few minutes into the new session, asking me AGAIN to restart my computer. I purchased it with windows 8 and then from the windows store installed 8.1. I have a HP laptop (touchscreen m6 k015). What is HP Support Assistant .exe ? Imagine a single dashboard with PC support, automated updates, and a direct line to phone assistance. We have seen about 1 different instances of HP Support Assistant .exe in different location. At risk of sounding ignorant, I have always been under the impression that it was pretty much junk software from HP and removed it along with a lot of other junk software that comes with the new computers like PDF complete, Norton Internet Security (60-day With HP Support Assistant, it's easy to keep desktop computers running smoothly. You can change the update interval on the Preferences page. Some of the Pavilion series are actually pretty decent computers - but they are turned into bat shit with the software that comes preinstalled. Rinse and repeat. HP Support Assistant helps you maintain your PC and avoid or resolve HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT INSTANT SUPPORT ON YOUR PC Step 1 From the HP Support Assistant homepage, click anywhere in So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. 1, i can't open hp support assistant. Thats the new HP Support Assistant for Windows 7 and 8. +1. Worked great for about a HP Product Assistant notifies you only when a solution is available. I purchased it with windows 8 and then from the windows store installed 8.1. I have been told that HP support assistant is actually useful software. Thanks for visiting the HP community. I'm trying to print some documents but printer won't print, (documents shown sitting in print queue). Full ack. HP Support Assistant is an HP application that can help you optimize your PC performance and resolve problems with automated updates, troubleshooting tools, Download and access HP Support Assistant for Microsoft Windows 1. A very good day to you! I read the post regarding issues with errors regarding HP support assistant. HP support assistant is probably best to utterly disable, but it's also wise to leave it installed. Getting your hp printers back on track is our utmost priority and we will make sure we do whatever it takes to get that accomplished. Easily learn how to find Software Drivers Download for 123 HP Printers and services from 123 HP Support Assistant hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant & 123.hp.com I upgraded a new HP Envy lapper from Win 8 to Win 8.1 and the HP Support Assistant is constantly popping up, asking to restart my computer. This document explains how to use HP Support Assistant to help keep your computer updated and secure in Windows 10, 8, and 7. HP Support Assistant .exe is windows process. Never had an app like this on a laptop before and usually had to manually update most drivers via the Device Manager, Update driver tab. I just purchased a new HP Probook 4520s with Windoiws 7 Professional. Same goes for most non-business class printers from HP. To be most effective and to offer you the latest solutions, the HP Product Assistant solution list needs to be kept up to date. In Window HP Support Assistant Alert (or is it an Alert Lookalike?) More information about HP Support Assistant .exe What is HP Support Assistant .exe ? You can run this free pc software on windows xp vista 7 8 10 32 bit 30 aug 2015 hi everyone!